Concession Trailers For Sale

Concession Trailers For Sale

Custom built concession trailers for sale  from a company that will  build a quality concession trailer at competitive prices.concession trailers

Entrepreneurs starting their own concession business usually need to watch every dollar, but that should not mean a concession trailer made with inferior materials.  At Superior Food Trucks we never sacrifice quality, all concession trailers are custom built to meet our clients needs.

 Concession Trailers custom built.

Having spent over 10 years in the vending truck  industry, Superior Food Trucks knows what it takes to design and build superior concession trailers. They also know that different clients have different needs, every trailer we build is custom designed with our clients exact needs addressed.

concession trailer interior

Superior Food Trucks involves the customer in the design phase of the building process, customers are able to help create their own one-of-a-kind concession trailer. With a modern fabrication shop we are able to produce the highest quality concession trailers with low overhead as all machining, assembly and welding is handled in house, we outsource nothing in our builds passing the savings onto the customer. We will beat any competitor when it comes down to price and quality, contact us today for a consultation on your concession trailer build plans.

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