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How Much Does a Truck or Concession Trailer Cost?

Superior Food Trucks maintains an extremely competitive pricing model. Unfortunately there are so many factors to consider when pricing a truck that simply stating prices just won’t work. We require a consultation with you to get an idea of exactly what you need to be successful, then we can get you a quote within a few hours.  Every Menu is different so every Food Truck or Concession Trailer we build is different. We don’t sell prefab cookie cutter units.

What size truck do I need?

Every truck is different, the most popular size is 18 foot, depending on your menu you may have the option of a 14 foot or 16 foot truck. Once we know your menu and equipment we can size the truck accordingly. Space is always a concern on a food truck and rarely you can have too much when you consider shelving, storage, freezers, sinks and all the equipment required for a comfortable working environment.

Where are we located? What are your business hours?

We are  located in Lebanon Pa, just outside of Harrisburg the state capital. Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

How do you ship your food trucks and how much does it cost?
The trailer or food truck can be picked up  or you may choose to have it delivered to your location. You can get quotes and hire any shipping or export company that you want. We can also provide delivery of your vehicle at a rate of $1.85 per mile within the continental U.S.

What is your warranty?

Superior Food Trucks provides a  warranty on all installed equipment we install, used trucks do not come with a warranty.

Why should I buy from your company?

This question is easy. We produce the highest quality kitchens on mechanically sound vehicles at the most competitive prices. We started building trucks more than 10 years ago and have more than 30 years in the high performance automotive field, producing engines for various motor sports.  We do not sacrifice quality materials or workmanship to keep our rates competitive, we use our skills and in house machinery to facilitate high quality food trucks and trailers.

Do you supply permits?
We do not supply permits. You must contact your local health department as well as your fire marshal that will forward  the requirements that we will follow in order to build your food truck to meet all code and regulations. There are hundreds of different health codes throughout the U.S. all codes will require at least the following: 3-compartment sink with drain boards (drain boards vary state to state), hand wash sink, fresh and gray water holding tanks. Hot water, smooth, clean wipe able and light colored interior surfaces. Cooking operations will require a commercial hood ventilation system with a stainless steel backsplash and a manual fire extinguisher.

 Do I need fire suppression equipment?

A fire suppression unit is an emergency extinguishing system in which nozzles are placed under the commercial hood over each piece of cooking equipment with an open flame. Even if your local health inspector tells you that you are not required to have a fire suppression unit check with the fire marshal, he has higher jurisdiction than an inspector.  If you choose not to have this unit installed and you travel out of your local area or into another state where it is required and mandatory, you will not be permitted to operate. Please contact your local health and fire marshal and ask them for all requirements so we may build the truck accordingly.


What is the deposit to place an order?
We require a 60% deposit, the balance of the final payment must clear the bank prior to pick up or delivery.

Can you put graphics on my food truck?
Yes, we offer full graphic design, including logo, truck design and provide full vinyl wraps for our trucks or paint. You may also choose to have us just build the truck and have your own graphics and artwork installed.

Do you give discounts based on volume?

Yes, we can price your build outs and discount them for multiple orders. We will also discount future purchases based on past deals.

Do you export food trucks outside the United States?

Yes, we export worldwide.

Will I need to pay sales tax on my food truck?

You will be required to pay Pennsylvania sales tax of 6%, when you register your food truck with your local DMV, you will be required to pay the difference in your local state tax if a higher tax rate.

Do You Finance?

No, we do not finance, however we can refer you to finance companies that may be able to provide financing for your new business.

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